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Our workshops are for executives, entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, engineers, and artists who want to level-up their game design chops and create experiences that drive long-term engagement.

If you want to empower your team with industry-leading best practices, expert design coaching, and actionable tools, templates and shortcuts, these workshops are for you. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Design for Collaboration

Design for Iteration

Design for Retention

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Most  people’s assumptions about gaming revolve around competitive, zero-sum experiences - but that's not the whole story. The next wave of innovation is cooperative gaming - where people WIN TOGETHER and grow the pie for everyone. Lean the large-scale market forces driving this trend,  and best practices in co-op game design from breakthrough hits.


Character transformation is the backbone of great drama - and personal transformation is the heart of great gameplay. You'll learn how to make your offering more compelling and game-like by mapping out key stages of your customer's experience over time - with skill-building and personal transformation as your through-line. 

It’s easier than ever to create a new, innovative product  - but most never take off.  What differentiates the ones that DO? What habits, behaviors and attitudes are shared by the teams who create genre-defining hits? In this workshop, you'll learn the seven habits of breakthrough innovators, illustrated with front-line stories from breakthrough hits.

The workshop gave me great new tools for designing a complex game, and helped me solve tough problems. Good payoff for the time investment.
— Duncan Pond, Game Designer, Ubisoft
Amy Jo’s framework and insights gave me practical, tangible skills.
— Gina Biachini, CEO MightyBell
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Great, structured content and deep insights - a masterclass on long term engagement.
— Nadya Direkova, GoogleX & AirBnB
I left the workshop smarter, equipped with useful new tools.
— Barney Pell, CEO QuickPay
I got a wealth of information - and a powerful design framework that I immediately put to work.
— Todd Tate, Artist Radio Manager, Live365
Amy Jo demystified game design and helped us create a system that truly engaged our players.
— David Murray, VP Product, Raptr