Books by Amy Jo Kim and Scott Kim on community design, brain games, and visual illusions

The classic reference book on how to build and grow an online community.

A new collection of puzzles from Scott's many years of page-a-day puzzle calendars. Includes word, number, logic and visual puzzles.

Neuroscientist Richard Restak teams up with puzzlemaster Scott Kim explore how puzzles can exercise your mind. Includes dozens of puzzles for every area of your brain, from visual and word, to tactile and sound.

An extensive collection of symmetrical ambigram lettering designs from artists all over the world, and essays about the art of ambigrams. Includes an essay by Scott on how he creates ambigrams.

The Art of the Illusion
By Terry Stickels

Over 200 works of art involving visual illusions. Includes Scott's ambigram lettering designs, and a foreword by Scott.

More art involving visual illusion, including more of Scott's ambigram lettering designs, and an essay by Scott.