Shufflebrain Design Services

Do you want to level-up your business with world-class game design expertise? Shufflebrain can help. We partner with select clients to design games, apps and services that embody the compelling pull of “smart games”. We love to make our clients smarter by educating and empowering them with the tools, techniques and best practices of industry-leading game design.


Hands-On Design Workshops 

For select clients, we offer customized in-house design workshops in specific topics. We help you apply game techniques to create more engaging, compelling products and services.  Our design workshops deliver tools, techniques and processes to make smarter decisions around game-related initiatives. In a Shufflebrain Workshop, you'll learn to:

  • “think smart” about gamification and game mechanics
  • drive deeper engagement and retention
  • apply game design techniques to your business

Design Audit (1-3 weeks)

Do you need immediate, actionable design feedback and guidance for your project? A Design Audit is a short, intensive review of your product’s strengths and weaknesses from a game and product perspective, taking into account your market, audience and business goals.   We engage with your team via stakeholder interviews, design discussions, product assessment, and user research, and deliver a prioritized assessment of your product’s core strengths, missing elements, and key areas for improvement.

Design Kickstart (6-10 weeks)

Do you want to take your product idea from concept to a first working version? A Design Kickstart starts with a design audit that clarifies your product's key strengths. Then we work with your development team to rapidly build, test and improve a first draft version of your product that you can test on real users. 

Game Design (10+ weeks)

Do you want to embed game design expertise into your product team? For select clients, we provide project-based consulting that can include design vision, project leadership, mentoring and coaching, and hands-on expertise. Sample activities include presentations, brainstorming, conducting/analyzing player research, creating and/or reviewing designs/specs/prototypes, creating and iterating scenarios, design sketches, functional specs, wireframes, mockups, prototypes.