Coach Training for MVP Design Hacks

Are you a designer, researcher, or product manager who wants to hone your leadership skills?

Would you enjoy helping startup teams turbo-change their MVP design process? 

Are you eager to learn a powerful, effective framework for quickly creating a validated prototype?

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This 1-day workshop will train you to be the MVP Design Kickstart coach.  During the training, you'll learn how to:

  • write and update a Product Pitch that clarifies your strategy
  • identify and articulate your core Assumptions
  • recruit the right subjects for all phases of research
  • write, run and analyze a Microvertical Screening Survey and followup Screening Interviews
  • choose the right set of features & systems to include in your MVP 
  • test and iterate your MVP design and core assumptions both internally and externally
  • Summarize and apply key results and patterns from of your MVP Research

This training workshop is taught by world-renowned game designer, entrepreneur and startup coach Amy Jo KImcreator of the MVP Design Kickstart. Amyjo's approach is honed by in-the-trenches experience working on games, apps and services like Rock Band, The SIms, Ultima Online, Netflix, Happify,, Covet Fashion, and Indiegogo. AmyJo has helped numerous startups tighten their strategy, identify their target audience, and quickly create a validated prototype. She's bringing this in-demand framework to a wider audience. 

What You'll Learn

Why become an MVP Coach? 

    Ready to add rocket fuel to your MVP?