MVP Design Hacks

8-week Master Class to turbo-charge your MVP design 

Do you want to translate Lean Startup practices into smart, effective MVP design?

Do you need to quickly flesh out and test your innovative idea with the RIGHT 5-7 people?

Are you ready to absorb player feedback with an open, scientific mindset? 

You need MVP Design Hacks. Created by game designer, entrepreneur and startup coach Amy Jo KImthis fast-paced, hands-on 8-week course will help you sharpen your strategy, test your assumptions, and create an MVP that delights your target audience. 

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We've worked with dozens of startups to hack their MVP design process to get better results. Now we're bringing this powerful set of road-tested techniques to you and your team. If you have a promising idea that you're ready to verify, we'll accelerate your ability to articulate, iterate, and test your MVP with the RIGHT people. 

This course is a series of Design Sprints. Each Monday is Sprint Kickoff; we'll learn key concepts, review Case Studies, and set weekly goals. Registered teams get a Design Template to streamline and clarify their weekly tasks. On Fridays we do a Sprint Debrief to review progress, update our assumptions, and adjust our actions to optimize for learning. The Instructor and Coaches are available Wednesday for Office Hours to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and help you solve problems and stay on track. 

Here's the schedule of our weekly Design Sprint themes. Take a look. 

Week 1: Clarify Your Product Vision & Key Assumptions    

We kickstart your MVP design process with a DRAFT Product Pitch that includes your current thinking and core assumptions about Vision, Purpose, Market, and Audience.

Week 2: Find Your Microvertical with a Screening Survey                         

You'l write, run and analyze a Screening Survey designed to identify enthusiastic early adopters who NEED your product and can help bring it to life. Identify key patterns + 10-20 Microvertical candidates..

Week 3: Refine Your Assumptions with Screening Interviews   

Write and run 10-20 short Interviews designed to reveal attitudes, communication style and unmet needs. identify key patters + 5-7 Paid testers

Week 4: Tighten Your Pitch in a Collaborative Design Workshop  

Create an updated Pitch with Research Summary + Updated Assumptions. Use Player’s Journey Framework + Team Exercises to develop DRAFT MVP design.

Week 5: Draft Your MVP Prototype                        

Iterate your DRAFT MVP design and core feature set then create and iterate design sketches of key pages and turn that into a clickable prototype.

Week 6: Test Your Prototype and Value Prop

Write, run and analyze 5-7 paid Interviews that include lifestyle insights and prototype testing. Summarize Key Findings & Patterns, and share with team.

Week 7: Iterate, Refine and Re-Test Your MVP Prototype

Use testing results to iterate UX design and feature set of prototype for clarity, ease-of-use, and targeting player needs & desires. Test your revised prototype with the best subjects from your previous interviews.

Week 8: Share Your Progress: Updated Pitch, Prototype & Assumptions              

Summarize your current product design thinking, and the impactful lessons you got from testing with early adopters. Update your Product Pitch with Assumptions Tested, Design Lessons Learned, and Next Steps. Share your Pitch for class discussion, critique, and finding collaborators. 

Are you ready to quickly articulate, test and verify your ideas? This class is for you. 

Yes, I want rocket fuel for my MVP