Scott on “Symmetry, Art and Illusion” at the Museum of Math

As part of the Museum of Mathematics talk series “Math Encounters”, Scott Kim of Shufflebrain gave a presentation called Symmetry, Art & Illusion on Thursday, April 7, 2011. Summary: Join artist and author Scott Kim on a dazzling journey of exploration into the world of symmetry and art. Discover the surprising mathematical patterns behind the art, and see how the same patterns reappear in art, music, dance, and animation. Audience members are also invited to participate in a hands-on workshop with Scott, where they will learn to draw their own symmetrical ambigram lettering designs (as featured in the book Inversions), play with symmetrical rhythmic patterns, and join in a full-body investigation of symmetry. Watch on YouTube.

Profile of Scott in the Wall Street Journal

The May 14, 2011 issue of the Wall Street Journal features an in-depth profile of Scott titled "The Mind of a Puzzle Master".

Scott Kim has an odd talent—he’s a brilliant problem maker. Mr. Kim belongs to an elite cadre of “puzzle masters” who spend their days building logical mazes and brain teasers. In more than 20 years as a professional puzzle designer, Mr. Kim has worked on everything from word, number and logic puzzles to toys such as Railroad Rush Hour and computer games such as “Obsidian” and “Escher Interactive,” which features interactive puzzles based on M.C. Escher’s optical illusions. Lately, he has been developing smartphone game apps and contributing a bimonthly puzzle column to Psychology Today. More…

Download Reflection Maze, a puzzle Scott created specially for The Wall Street Journal.